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Briquettes: let’s try them out

Briquettes are essentially a block of highly compressed wood made from sawdust and other waste with hardly any moisture content.  The manufacturing process is simply a matter of compressing the sawdust with extreme pressure forcing any moisture to escape, it’s just like squeezing a sponge.  The result is an easy to burn brick with a very high calorific value and superb heat.

From our first play with this new product the main thing that stood out was the amount of heat produced. 3 bricks actually produced too much heat in a normal sized stove and we decided it was excessive, 2 bricks produces a very consistent burn with excellent heat output for stoves fitted with a back boiler, the burn time was approximately 20 min.


Best use.

A really great use for briquettes is offsetting damp wood or wood that burns poorly in your stove, using a briquette to supplement poor wood will releasing more energy that would otherwise be left over as ash or smoke.

Main benefits

  • Its tidy! Given the extremely low moisture content of less than 10%, the smoke will be lower than anything you’ll have seen before and the ash content will also be minimal.
  • Constant high heat output for back boilers, faster heating of your hot water tank.
  • Helps you burn other wood of poor quality or higher moisture content.

These are available now to collect from our shop in Bryncir.