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Case study: High Moisture vs Low Moisture

Using our own wood chip boiler, we conducted an experiment to find out the effect moisture content has on efficiency. We ran our own wood chip store from full to empty twice using both high and low moisture content wood chip, meter readings were taking at the start and finish of each cycle in megawatt hours with the demand on the boiler being consistent throughout the experiment.

The results below are based on the accurate readings from the boiler output metre:

  • Normal wood chip at 35-40% moisture content produced 13 Megawatt hours from 24 Cubic metres
  • Kiln dried wood chip at 15-20% moisture content produced 20 Megawatt hours from 24 Cubic metres


What does this mean?

The kiln dried wood chip produces 35% more energy over normal wood chip. This highlights how over a third of normal wood chip is wasted due to high moisture content. By using kiln dried wood chip, we can save 35% more trees and provide a truly renewable and environmental friendly solution heating commercial and large properties.

dried wood chip graph