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Environmental Policy Statement

This is the Environmental Policy of Woodfuel-Gwynedd. It applies to all activities.

Woodfuel-Gwynedd is a processor of solid biomass fuels, based in Bryncir, Gwynedd. We source timber products from local woodlands, and supply our customers with kiln-dried Wood Chip and Logs.

As a supplier of a renewable fuel source, we believe that we make a significant contribution in moving towards a carbon-neutral economy. However, it is recognised that the company’s activities can have an adverse impact on our environment. It is our intention to manage our activities and minimise the negative impacts on the environment. The company will also, as far as reasonably practicable, manage its activities in ways that will benefit the environment whenever possible.

In order to achieve this, we have adopted the following key objectives:

  1. Promote sound environmental management policies where appropriate;
  2. As a minimum, to comply with the requirements of all relevant legislation;
  3. Prevent pollution wherever possible;
  4. Provide regular maintenance schedule for our plant and equipment;
  5. Try to use responsible suppliers and aim to purchase environmentally friendly products wherever possible;
  6. Minimise transport-associated emissions by limiting distance of deliveries to North West Wales;
  7. Eliminate waste generated from packaging;
  8. Minimise waste production as far as is practicable; and to re-use or recycle waste where appropriate;
  9. To support the professional development of our staff to ensure they can contribute to improving our environmental performance;
  10. Aim to continually improve the environmental performance through reviewing this Policy and setting environmental improvement targets.

While Woodfuel-Gwynedd accepts responsibility for implementing its Policy, individuals are also required to abide by our rules and requirements made both under this Policy and any other statutory legislation to ensure it is effective.

This Policy shall be made available to all interested parties.