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Burley's Flueless Gas

100% efficient!

Flueless Gas

Latitude 2.5kW - Orbital trim

Minimum room size 30m³

£850 RRP

Natural Gas or LPG

Flueless Gas is 100% efficient, unlike other gas fires which send a large percentage of heat up the flue. Without a flue the installation costs are also significantly reduced bringing the upfront cost down. Combined with low running costs and the option of a log insert, a flueless gas fire makes a viable alternative to a real wood burning stove.

The Esteem 2.5KW

Minimum Room Size 30m³

£880 RRP

Natural Gas or LPG

Burley's Flueless Gas fires can run on Natural Gas or LPG. With piped gas prices at jsut £0.034 per KwH the running costs are very reasonable should you be connected to the gas mains.

Installation must be carried out by a gas safe registerd engineer.

Astute 4.2KW

Minimum Room Size 50m³

£1600 RRP

Perception 2.5KW

Minimum Room Size 30m³

£620 RRP

What is required

Installation of a flueless gas fire is quick and easy (perhapse for obvious reasons), but it's important to remember an air vent in the room is required.

The legal minimum room size depends on the power of the model, for 2.5kW this is 30m³. As an example, a room size of 12ft by 12ft with 8ft ceiling is 32m³.

Environ 2.5KW

Minimum Room Size 30m³

£620 RRP

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