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Local made Planks in Gwynedd

Woodfuel-Gwynedd makes planks and slabs in a wide range of species cut to your dimensions.

We only hold a limited stock of oak or pine, we therefore encourage prospective client to pre-order the more unusual pieces e.g 6m long planks or complete welsh oak worktops as soon as possible leaving enough time for us to season it.

Bark edge or straight edge cut, it’s up to you.

For any project..

  • Fireplace Mantel
  • Rustic Furniture
  • Garden Decoration
  • Shop Front Decor
  • Shelving
  • Worktop

Optional seasoning for our planks

Our hard woods and quality pine wood are cut to a larger than required size before being seasoned naturally at our wood yard near Bryncir, Gwynedd. It takes around 6 – 18 months (1 year per inch) to dry naturally before we complete the process with a stint in the kiln. After which we cut to the exact dimensions requested.

Our timber is sold untreated.

Please get in touch for further information, we can provide semi-seasoned or fully-seasoned and stored until you are ready to collect.

Enquire on 01766 530 434 for bespoke orders.

Custom size

Click on the species you want below, the item page will allow you to enter the dimensions for an instant price, plus the option to order online.  Alternatively you can call us on 01766 530 434 to order or enquire further.

These pieces of timber are perfect for carpenters and wood works in the local areas of Criccieth, Porthmadog, Caernarfon and Pwllheli to use for furniture building, property renovation and general wood work.

Ash Plank – Bespoke Size

£2500 / M3

Wind swept Ash – We do not cut down Ash trees.

Bespoke Ash planks available in any realistic thickness and length. Please contact us after ordering to confirm your order and the lead time, and to arrange collection. Delivery can be arranged at cost. Supplied untreated and unsanded.

Cherry Planks – Bespoke Size

£5000 / M3

Greenheart Planks – Bespoke Size

£5000 / M3

Greenheart is a very special species of wood, the rate of decay even when submerged is so slow that it isn’t noticeable, some structures made from Greenheart have been around for hundreds of years.

Cutting Greenheart is extremely dangerous to the lungs and should not be attempted without a specialist breathing equipment, but our bespoke cutting service will save you the hassle! Most of our Greenheart wood is reclaimed from marinas or similar, the photo is of a piece left over from the demolition of trefor pier.

Larch Planks – Bespoke Size

£2000 / M3

Planks made from Larch. Seasoned, Semi Seasoned or unseasoned for shelving, mantels, furniture building or any fun diy project.

Holly Planks – Bespoke Size

£6000 / M3

Whilst Holly is a fairly common tree, it is uncommon to find large enough pieces to turn into a planks making it a very rare item.

Best suited to furniture making.

Sitka Spruce Planks – Bespoke Size

£1800 / M3

Excellent value, widly used for cladding.

Special and Precut

10 Inch beech Planks: £10 / Metre

4800 x 350 x 380mm

Sitka Planks – L x 250 x 75: £7 / Metre

~75 x 250mm x Your Length

Spalted ash – £100 Each

3100 x 340mm
Thickness: 70mm

Welsh Oak Slabs: £60

~75 x 250mm x Your Length