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Privacy Policy


Cookies from Woodfuel-Gwynedd

Woodfuel-Gwynedd requires cookies to function correctly.  Cookies will be stored on your PC to enable functionality such as remembering the content of your basket or allowing you to login.

Cookies from Google Analytics

Woodfuel-Gwynedd uses Google Analytics to track the numbers of visitors to the site, cookies allow google analytics to function correctly, I.E not counting the same person twice.


What data does Woodfuel-Gwynedd store about me?

We only store the details you give us when you either sign up for an account or place an order as a guest.

  • Name
  • Shipping/Billing Address
  • Telephone Number
  • IP Address
  • Email Address
  • A record of transaction IDs and payment confirmation data from Paypal

No card details are stored on woodfuel-gwynedd.co.uk

What data does Woodfuel-Gwynedd share and who with?

Woodfuel-Gwynedd only shares your personal data with paypal to continue the checkout procedure. It is not used for any other purpose.

Your data is NOT shared with any other outside party.

What does Woodfuel-Gwynedd do with my data

Woodfuel-Gwynedd uses your data to complete your order or fulfil requests.

Woodfuel-Gwynedd may call regular customers who are likely to order again at certain times of the year with offers as part of supply and demand management with the aim to spread out firewood sales over the course of the year instead of one big rush when the first cold snap starts.

How does Woodfuel-Gwynedd keep data safe?

Woodfuel-Gwynedd automatically forces the use of encryption (HTTPS) to prevent eavesdropping between you and woodfuel-gwynedd.co.uk. The same discipline is used by staff for all aspects of data handling including emails communication.

Data deletion request

You can request that your data is erased from Woodfuel-Gwynedd by contacting us on 01766530434 or email online@woodfuel-gwynedd.co.uk