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Burley Stoves

Burley Log burners in Bryncir near Porthmadog, Gwynedd

The Worlds most efficient Stove

Burley’s log burners are the worlds most efficient stoves typically archiving close to 90% depending on the stove. This level of incredible efficiency reduces the overall cost of buying firewood compared to a normal stove by a considerable amount. A cheap poorly designed stove at 60% efficiency will require almost 50% more wood to produce the same amount of heat.

Woodfuel-Gwynedd have teamed up with Burley to provide the most efficient stoves on the market to the people of the Llyn Peninsula and Gwynedd. We are 6 miles away from Porthmadog, 12 Miles to Caernarfon, 11 miles from Pwllheli and 20 miles from Abersoch.

See them in action

We have our 5kw burley fireball and 10kw panoramic stoves running and heating the tile shop in Bryncir.

You are welcome to drop 10am-5pm to see and experience the heat of a burley stove.

The Burley Stove Collection

All models are on display at our shop in Bryncir, nr Porthmadog


Traditional Stoves with ultra high efficiency. Watch the flames go wild as the unique design allows the fire to breathe.

Burley Fireball – Brampton 8KW

Burley Fireball – Debdale 4KW

Burley Fireball – Hollywell 5KW

Burley Fireball – Springdale 3KW

Burley Fireball – Wakerley 12KW


A modern take on the fireball, the Firecube boasts the same high level efficiency but with an appearance more suited to contemporary spaces or cottages alike.

Burley Firecube – Bosworth 12KW

Burley Firecube – Bradgate 5KW

Burley Firecube – Carlby 7KW

Burley Firecube – Coppice 5KW (Inset)

Burley Firecube – Launde 4KW

Burley Firecube – Owston 3KW

Burley Firecube – Swithland 8kW


Go wide, the panoramic range of wood burners are like wide screen TVs but much hotter!

Burley Panoramic – Briary 7KW

Burley Panoramic – Westhay 10KW