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The kiln

Kiln drying Wood Chip, with a wood chip boiler

Our specially designed kiln runs 24/7 drying wood chip and logs to W20 standards (below <20% Moisture content).

Powerful fans force hot air through a venting duct and into the false floor of a custom made skip, the hot air is then pushed up through the wet wood chip rapidly removing moisture from the wood, a better way of understanding the principle is to compare it to a hair dryer. Each batch of wood chip takes 24 hours to dry to the highest industry standard of W20 (<20%) moisture content.  This level of moisture content makes our wood chip highly efficient due to the higher burning temperature, less ash and approximately almost a third more energy produced per ton compared to unseasoned wood chip.

How does it work?

The heat for the kiln is provided by our 200kW wood chip boiler. Hot water is piped from the boiler to a heat exchange unit inside the kiln, the heat exchanger works by pushing air through a series of meshed pipes designed to have the maximum possible surface area. This transfers the heat from the water within the pipes to the air passing through, this hot air is then blown through ducting into the false floor of the skip at pressure forcing it to flow up through the wood chip or logs and out the top without leaving the kiln.

The humidity of the air inside the kiln can be monitored during the drying process, if it goes above a preset level, powerful fans in the roof will turn on to pull the air out and

During a 24 hour cycle, 10 Tons of wood chip is reduced in weight to just ~7 Tons.

Advantages of kiln dried wood chip:

  • Over 25% More efficient compared to unseasoned wood chip
  • Less un-burnt hydrocarbons released
  • Higher temperature fire
  • More energy from less weight (per ton)
  • Wet wood chip can stick and cause blockages

We are happy for anyone to come and have a look at the kiln, if you’re brave enough you can even go inside and experience 60C.

Wood Chip Kiln behind wood chip Kiln
Wood Chip Kiln Wood Chip Kiln
Wood Chip Kiln Wood Chip Kiln