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Transmanut Wood Chip Blown Delivery System

Wood Chip Blower Gwynedd Wales

Wood Chip Delivery Method

Using a state of the art air blown delivery system, our kiln dried wood chip can be delivered precisely to where it’s needed, such as chip stores built with high sides or with poor access for telescopic loaders and bunker tipping.

Woodfuel-Gwynedd’s delivery method is a tractor and trailer combination carrying 30 cubic metres of our Kiln Dried Wood Chip. A hook lift trailer unit carries our autonomous transmanut blower, this is a self contained system with a built in diesel engine powering a the air blown delivery system.  If you are requiring supply of wood chip and wish to see our delivery method in action, please contact us and we’ll invite you along to see it in action.


Advantages of Air Blown Delivery

20160919_160042Unlike other blown systems, the clever design of the transmanut blower avoids the creation of dust and excessive noise during operation by using a gentler method of accelerating wood chip. It works by creating a powerful stream of air to which the wood chip is fed into via an auger. This method avoids physical contact with fast moving parts thus reducing noise and eliminating dust by not damaging the chip.

Fully loaded, 30 cubic metres of kiln dried wood chip can be can transferred within 1 hour from when we arrive on site.

Sites with tricky access problems such as uneven ground and mud is not an issue with our delivery system, we only need to get within 40ft of your chip store and the flexible pipping will fill the gap.

The onboard engine is highly insulated to keep noise down and makes the unit self sufficient in operation, allowing any hook lift vehicles to carry out the delivery of wood chip.

The operation can be run by 1 person and when the transfer is in progress there are no moving vehicles involved on-site making delivery the safer and easier.



Rear of blower skip Woodfuel Gwynedd Blower delivery system