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Wood chip boilers in Gwynedd

Wood Chip BoilerOur 200kW boiler

Interested in a Biomass Boiler?  We are happy to show you ours and talk you through how it works. Please contact us on 01766 530 434 or via the contact form

Wood chip offers a solid financial investment to your business which can drastically reduce heating costs and provide long term financial savings.

The RHI scheme offers a guaranteed income designed to offset the cost of the boiler plus provide an incentive encouraging your business to move away from fossil fuels.

We recommend ETA Boilers – Available for both wood chip and Logs.

  • Wood chip boiler with tilting grate in a ceramic-lined retort
  • Speed controlled draught ventilator for operation independent from chimney draught
  • Automatic ignition
  • Automatic ash disposal system
  • Lambda control with automatic fuel recognition
  • Complete control including hot water tank management and outside temperature controlled heating circuit integrated in the boiler.
  • Wood chip conveyor system with proven floor agitator up to six meters in diameter

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