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Wood Chip Supply in Gwynedd

BSL Authorised

Our kiln dried wood chip is freshly made from uncontaminated virgin wood sourced from within 15 miles and kiln dried to below 20% for optimum efficiency. The wood chip is produced locally on the Llyn Peninsula using our heizomat wood chipper – A high spec German machine designed primarily for producing biomass wood chip. The technique used by the chipper involves a spinning drum with teeth which meets the timber head-on. The result is perfect nugget shaped wood chip falling within the G30 or G50 standards and once chipped, the wood is then dried down to 15-20% moisture content.  This makes our wood chip highly efficient and avoids problems like wood chip getting stuck in the auger or burning too slowly for the boiler to function correctly.

Delivery can be made by either a simple tip and go method or by our air blown solution, for clients with chip stores or bunkers, we can supply a special access attachment designed to connect to our delivery vehicle.  This allows neat and tidy transfer of wood chip from our vehicle to the chip store without creating dust or mess.  It also allows delivery to elevated areas and over walls.


If you are interested in switching to wood chip or are seeking a regular supply, please contact us with your enquiry for detailed information and bespoke quotes. Our pricing is designed to guarantee the quality of our wood chip, we offer wood chip based on Kilowatt hours produced meaning you only pay for the energy produced by the wood chip, there are no delivery charges.

Woodfuel-Gwynedd is a BLS Authorised supplier of Biomass fuel.

Our cost: 4.5p per kWh (+VAT 5%)

Please contact us on 01766 530 434 or email us via the Contact Form

We are trained by Ignite in wood fuel quality standards with a Certificate of Attendance Award by Lantra.


  • CEN / TC 335 Standard:
  • Size: P16A (G30) or G50
  • Moisture: M20 (M15 optional)