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Kiln Dried Firewood

Premium kiln dried logs.

Tipped delivery, we deliver to anywhere in Gwynedd and Anglesey, from Aberdaron, Pwllheli, Porthmadog and Dolgellau to Caernarfon, Bangor and Holyhead. 

You will need a suitable space for us to tip the logs such as a driveway, garden or yard with vehicle access. We are flexible on the time and date of the delivery so just ask.

Price List

Valid until June 2022

 Qty  Softwood  Hardwood
 4m³  £320 £535
 6m³  £420 £700
 8m³  £520 £880
 10m³  £620

All our firewood is kiln dried!

Kiln dried is the same as fully seasoned, whereby the moisture content reduced to 20% or lower.

100% Sustainably sourced.


From £320

Predominantly Larch, Spruce 

Free Delivery


From £535

Oak, Ash and Beech

Limited stock, first come first serve.  

Free Delivery

Hardwood Crates

Return crates in reusable condition to receive a £15 refund.


Crates and Builders bags are delivered with a portable forklift, we can deliver to areas not always accessible by vehicles, as long as there is enough width.

Hardwood Builder's BAG

From £130

Oak, Ash and Beech


Free Delivery

Hardwood CRATE


Premium mix of Hornbeam/maple pre-stacked ready to go.

Free Delivery

Netted BAGs

Popular for camping, BBQs and property with difficult access. Our netted bags are light enough to carry and transport with approximately 10 logs per bag. Kiln Dried to below 20%.

Find us in Rhoslan – LL52 0NL

Bag of Logs

Softwood Bag


1 Netted Bag



3 Netted Bag



6 Netted Bag



20 Netted Bag

HArdwood BAG


1 Netted Bag



4 Netted Bag



10 Netted Bag



20 Netted Bag

Kindling and Fire Starters

Lost your caveman instinct? Don’t worry, we have kindling and fire starters for sale!



Small Bag



Large Bag

Swedish Torch

A Swedish Torch is the perfect fire for camping, beach parties and BBQs. The clever design allows for a self contained fire with shelter from wind and posts for holding pots and pans above the flames. Simple and effective, enjoy typically 1h 45m of fire. Comes complete with a fire-starter and rope handle.

4ft Torches can be made on request.

Swedish Torch


Height: 22-27 CM

Swedish Torch


Height: 42-46 CM