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About our Firewood

We produce Kiln Dried Logs with the aim of being the best firewood suppler in Wales!   Our low moisture content (15-20%) logs are ready to burn straight out of the kiln.

Why Kiln Dry?

Our kiln is capable of drying logs to below 20% in just 3 days, compared to traditional seasoning which can take upwards of 2 years.

The Kiln is powered by a Wood Chip Biomass Boiler, it consumes approximately 1 cubic metre of wood chip per day, but since drying wood increases efficiency the effect is highly beneficial for the environment.
We estimate the energy in 30m3 of wet logs (1 Batch) to be 16,650kWh, once dried this increases to ~22,500 kWh. Drying firewood consumes ~3,000 kWh – leaving ~2,850 kWh of gained energy overall.


Woodfuel-Gwynedd sources timber from within 15 miles of our wood yard in Bryncir. 

Softwood timber comes from local 100% sustainable forests.

Hardwood timber is sourced from tree surgeons removing wind swept trees.

1 cubic metre of loose logs is approximately 275 Logs at 10 Inch length, or around 27 netted bags.

We have a larger size of log we can make which is perfect for log boilers including RHI registered boilers. Each Cubic metre generates approximately 750kWh and bulk discounts are available.

We can supply bulk bags of logs on pallets which is ideal for camp sites and similar businesses, we also delivery – Please contact us on 07770 805 897 to discuss your requirements and for pricing.

Firewood Processing

The machine behind the magic is a Pinosa 1200 CPE. Powered by it’s onboard diesel engine, this semi-autonomous firewood processor will produce perfect logs all day, every day.

The main benefit of this particular machine is the ability to process wind swept hardwoods which are too irregular for normal machines to handle but also not suitable for cutting into plank, beam / furniture making.  It allows us to make good use of wind swept hardwoods as firewood from what would otherwise would be left to rot.

Solar power and natural drying

Despite the kiln’s heat source being a wood chip boiler running on waste, fans are needed to push hot air through the firewood and these require a fair amount of electric. To make our prices competitive and to reduce our carbon footprint, we generate a large chunk of our own electric with our 10kw solar system.  These 26 panels reduce our CO2e footprint by ~1600kg per year.

To further aid our efficiency, we store timber in the open for months ahead to allow natural drying before processing and kiln drying. This drops the moisture content down to 30% before it even reaches the kiln.