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New Log Processor on the way!

Such is the demand for our kiln dried logs, our current log processor has become inadequate for our needs and we are now in the process of replacing our Hakki Pilke log processor with a faster, more efficient machine made by Posch. The Posch Spaltfix S-360 will allow us to produce more logs in a shorter time with less waste. With the cutting done by a blade instead of chainsaw, less than half the amount of sawdust is produced resulting in a saving of approximately 4% in wood.

Sounds small? Our estimated log sales for the next 12 months is exceeds 1000 tons, that’s over 40 tons of wood saved.

Of course, any sawdust produced is used in our wood chip boiler to minimise any environmental impact. Along with efficiency, the new Posch Log Processor offers much needed reliability and greater safety, providing a better production work-flow for Woodfuel-Gwynedd to expend and grow on.

Manufacturer description:

The SpaltFix S-360 firewood cut-splitter cuts and splits timber up to 35 cm in diameter into 2, 4, 6 or 8 parts in one go. The length of cut can be adjusted between 20 and 50 cm. The hydraulic timber advance with conveyor belt moves the timber towards the circular saw blade. The feeding belt is inclined backward so that the cutting cycle is perfectly adjusted to the timber diameter, ensuring the highest possible output even with small diameters. The hydraulic timber retention mechanism and adjustable timber stop that retracts during cutting prevent the timber from jamming. The machine is conveniently controlled by means of the one-hand joystick control. A conveyor belt conveys the cut billets to the place of loading. Thanks to the three-point linkage, Spaltfix is also mobile.

Posch Log Processor