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Swedish Torch – Perfect for Camping and Beach Fires

A Swedish Torch is the perfect fire for camping, beach parties and BBQs. The clever design allows for a self contained fire with shelter from wind and posts for holding pots and pans above the flames. Simple and effective, enjoy typically 1h 45m of fire.  Comes complete with a fire-starter and rope handle.

Swedish Torch Fire Torch Gwynedd Camping fire Fire for BBQ

To start the torch, ignite the fire-starter and place down the middle of the log.


22-27CM (Diameter: ~8 Inch)  £8

42-46CM (Diameter: ~8 Inch)  £14

Approx 4ft (Diameter: 12-18 Inch)  £45

Our 4ft Swedish Torch is recommended for weddings or parties, please contact us to order.  Due to the nature of this product, sizes will vary slightly.