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Burley Stoves

Woodfuel-Gwynedd has joined forces with the most efficient maker of log burners, Burley. Burley stoves archive an astonishingly high efficiency rating which means they will provide the same heat but consume fewer logs saving you potentially hundreds over the long term. Visit the bryncir tile and kitchen showroom to feel[…]

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Putting the new timber trailer with crane to work

Behold our recently purchased 14 foot trailer which is designed to carry timber with an onboard crane, it allows us to load and unload without the need for a second vehicle. For the past week, we’ve been putting it to the test by felling a small mature forest just a[…]

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Christmas time – Open Hours and Last orders

Throughout 2016 woodfuel-gwynedd have been busy supplying the best firewood possible and look forwards to a busy 2017, we will be closed for 2 weeks over Christmas and New year. Closed from 20th – opening on 4th     There will be no trailer deliveries during this date, if you[…]

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